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Cobot integration improves worker safety Robotics automation integration increases efficiency

What we do

At B2E Automation, we optimize the way you work by seamlessly blending the power of automation with your unique work environments to increase the capacity of your people to do more; individually, and collectively.

How we do it

Our robots and automated systems simplify your existing work processes and help you find areas for process improvements so that you can get more work done in less time and maximize your human potential vertically, horizontally, and laterally.

Our Team

Ben Knowles


Alex Hail

Operations Manager

Nick Malmberg

Application Engineer

Zeeshan Junejo

Mechanical Design Engineer

Our Vision: To facilitate greater work efficiency within and across factory and assembly lines in every industry.

Better Process for A Better Bottomline
A Better Way to Work

At B2E, we believe that you deserve a business that makes your life easier while making money for you. This is why we are focused on helping you get the best value with automated robotics that can double your output, maximize your human manpower, and simplify the complexities of your standard work processes for greater efficiency.

Our robotic arms do what you can't accommodate within your production schedule so that you can do more of what you couldn't do — maximize your best resources.

Improve effiency with robots in factories

While traditional engineering companies provide equipment, leaving you to worry about the logistical issues that arise with the deployment of new technology, we deliver full-service solutions that are sourced, matched, and fully customized (specifically) for your business – all at a fixed price. We collaborate with you from the first consultation and manage the logistics of sourcing, shipping, setting up, and up to the point of seamless integration with your production schedules.

Career Opportunities

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