Robotic Painting Systems

The world's leading automation economies represented 7 percent of the global industrial robots industry in 2021. In 2020 there was a $2.7 billion market value for automated painting robots. The market is expected to expand by $4.95 billion in 2031, with a CAGR growth of 10.1 percent from 2021 to 2031. The market for Automated Painting Systems is growing quickly, and this is due to its utility in the automotive sector.

Robotic Painting Systems

An automated painting system is not just used for the primary painting function. Priming, base-coating, and sealing processes all use various modular paint robots, atomizers, software, and filling units. The desire to eliminate hazardous workstations for workers has created the demand for modern painting systems. Strategic automation partners like B2E Automation possess the knowledge that is necessary to develop a complete range of solutions that improve productivity, reduce emissions, and significantly decrease operating costs through their optimized products, services, and solutions.

With the Right Painting System, You Can Stop Worrying About the Finishing Quality!

Once integrated into your process, an industrial painting robot analyzes and inspects target objects, determines the edge locations, recognizes their patterns, and evaluates the size and related processes. A combination of software, sensors, algorithms, cameras, and robot vision identifies components and determines the parts to pick up or put down. In addition to the processes, we equip our robots for pinpoint accuracy and specifications that solve dripping, over-spraying, and other related issues so that you can stay competitive in a global marketplace.

Our automated robotic painting systems include:

  • A Degree-of-Freedom that allows an Automated Painting System to reach a particular point from different angles. This ensures consistency in the application while retaining a certain distance.
  • An atomizer that transforms liquid paint into a spray or a mist for equal application on the work surface.
  • A paint pump that pushes the paint from the storage receptacle into the modular paint tool
  • A color changer that switches between different paint colors with no wastage
  • The required cables and paint tubes that go through the wrist to reduce maintenance
  • Our explosion-proof arm units, with their built-in purge air cavity system, allow work with flammable liquids
  • Our proprietary software will enable you to maneuver complex painting trajectories with minimal programming.

How Do the Robotic Painting Systems Benefit You?

Workplace safety and compliance are no longer concerns with automated painting systems. The transformational painting and coating system preserves human health and boosts production, accuracy, and throughput in the entire value chain.

In addition, companies benefit from:

  • Eliminating expensive labor hours, the cost of human error, raw material wastage from over-spraying, and lost production or returns from quality issues.
  • A flawless finish produced by even, dripless applications that are free from imperfections.
  • Better floor space utilization. As robotic arms are maneuverable, floor managers need not worry about floor space issues. This mobility allows modern painting robots to reach farther than their predecessors.
  • Ridding their workspace of carcinogens, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and iso-cyanides.
  • Eliminating double-cycle time with two-tone paint and enabling high-resolution, complicated image paint for smaller requirements.
  • Customized solutions that are developed through a group of automated solutions working in close proximity and improving long-term productivity.
Leading Industry

Leading Industries Benefit from Automated Painting Solutions

From luxury SUVs to compact sedans to aerospace divisions – robotic painting systems are now an integral part of numerous production floors and provide easier annual facility planning along with benefits that include:

  • The Automotive Industry increasing its brand quality and generating substantially better results with perfect interior and exterior finishes.
  • The Aerospace Industry benefits from rotary bell spray-guns that reduce labor costs by 80 percent and improve predictability in the painting process.
  • The Cooking Utensils industry improves aesthetic appeal along with their primary finishing solutions, whether utilizing even-heat conduction, corrosion and abrasion resistance, non-stick coatings, or maximized cleaning ability.
  • The Heavy Equipment Industry uses pretreatment, liquid, and powder coatings to help protect their equipment from demanding external environments like rust, grit, and other obstacles in order to prolong their lives.
  • The production of Consumer Products, kitchen appliances, devices, and other smaller contexts being able to focus on aesthetics while simultaneously improving throughput with extreme competition and demand compared to less-volatile industries.

Your Production Can Be as Smooth as Your Finish!

Whether it is 1K, 2K, variable pressure withstanding, water, or solvent-based paints, by partnering with B2E Automation you will benefit from our automated painting solutions that are a perfect choice for electrostatic and other applications. Achieve impressive repeatability and path accuracy with a harmonious yet modular ensemble of high-speed rotary atomizers and robots. With a 90% transfer efficiency, we ensure quick installation and more-accessible control and management.

Reach out to learn more about how B2E Automation's solutions can help transform your business.