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To compete with top-of-the-market versatility in the automated marking, printing, and labeling machine industry, as successful automation partners B2E Automation offers high-level solutions for your most diverse embossing, marking, printing, and labeling needs. Industrial futurists forecast a $2.38 billion robotic labeling machine market by 2027 in contrast to $1.79 billion in 2019. The growth value exhibits a 3.7 percent CAGR during this forecast period.

There are two available options for product identification, labeling and printing, and labeling is more popular. Labeling is the more expensive option, so why do industries prefer it over printing?

Printing on beige boxes reduces contrast and eventually readability. Similarly, edibles with a label are far preferable to ink, regardless of ink safety. B2E Automation’s automated labeling solutions print or apply labels to all shapes irrespective of dimensions, whether they are ovals, cylinders, squares, flats, or pallets. The numerous driving factors include:

  • Superior labeling adhesives that eliminate solvents, increase production speed, and reduce energy consumption and uniformity throughout the process.
  • Improved sustainability for packaging solutions.
  • The shrink sleeves machine segment, which has an exponential growth factor due to its entire body design allowing more-precise graphics and color.
  • Integrated automated machines that increase the production rate in healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other related industrial applications. For example, tapping and decorating are integrated with the packing and palletizing process.

What are the Benefits of Automated Marking, Printing, and Labelling Machines?

Similar to other automation solutions, automatic printing and labeling is the perfect solution to address workforce shortages or workforce crises. For instance, during a pandemic when processes need to continue with minimal human interaction, additional automation can safeguard your entire operation. The key to long-term product sustainability and minimal maintenance is asking the right questions to fit specific business use cases:

  • What is the environment in which you intend to use the solution – damp, dry, cold, hot?
  • What are the production line speeds, specifications, and configurations?
  • What is the nature of data that is being printed – date, lot, logo, barcode, height?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for your industry?
  • What is the product turnover rate?

All of these factors greatly impact the equipment choice

For example, for a non-porous container, solvent-based inks provide greater benefits over oil or water-based inks that dry slowly.

In addition to the above, you benefit from multiple-size labels and the ability to print at numerous heights and sides, as well as having accessible label pick locations, accessible printers for maintenance, product traceability, data management, Direct Part Marking (DPM), RFID Tracking, recipe identification, reduced label wastage, perfect label alignment, positional accuracy, and identification rejection.

How do One-Stop Automation Partners Help You Automate Marking, Printing, and Labeling Processes?

Reduced cost, improved productivity, throughput, and eliminated human errors are a few reasons that enterprises are transitioning toward robotic marking, printing, and labeling solutions. From pharmaceutical and Research and Development companies intending to mark slides and other complex device markings to industrial tape dispensing, lamination, pad printing, and UV cured inks – manufacturing firms are growing by making their primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging the safest and most consistent.

Industrial Thermal Transfers

The latest technology allows industrial thermal transfers to produce high-quality and reliable industrial identification markings with a maintenance-free operation. The integrated color touch display provides guidance through the menu. In addition, automatic material detection ensures optimal settings and prevents printing errors.

Automated Marking Systems

Each automated marking system has specific benefits and applications in different industries, whether impact, roll, dot-peen, scribe, laser, inkjet, or hot. In automated laser markings, a laser beam is guided by a system of reflective mirrors that is driven by a PC that allows you to draw different characters, 2D codes, DataMatrix, barcodes, or graphics combinations. This offers durability, aesthetics, non-contact marking for a fragile object, unalterable marking, long laser life, vast material compatibility, and the ability to mark regardless of an object's movement direction.

Similarly, inkjet marking systems possess DOD valve jets, non-contact CIJ (continuous inkjet), piezoelectric jets, and thermal jets. It decreases overpackaging on automatic packaging lines with an ongoing manufacturing process.

Labeling Systems

Numerous automated labeling solutions such as roll-fed labeling guarantee straightforward labeling at high speeds that use wrap-around labels for different containers like glass, metal, or PET with a throughput of 60,000 applications per hour. Similarly, a self-adhesive labeling machine has multiple stations for higher performance and speed. Its wedge shape allows for an integrated installation on rotary and linear machines. Moreover, parallel functionality allows continuous operations with minimum to no downtime.

Labeling Machine

Rotary machines that employ cold glue application on multiple pre-cut labels facilitate considerable glue saving. The process becomes more straightforward and faster as the format changeover hardly requires any tools. The vast, modular automated labelers allow maximum flexibility in a constantly evolving market. Even more so, the modularity helps you create further packaging combinations and innovative solutions.

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