Dispensing Systems

Automated Dispensing Systems are a critical part of the medical and life sciences industry, specifically the pharmaceutical industry. Our services incorporate an inclusive, fully automated precision dispensing system.

Despite many legislative and regulatory barriers, in 2020 the automated dispensing system industry was valued at $1.673 billion. Moreover, industrial futurists predict a 9.1 percent CAGR growth rate from 2021 to 2030. Leading industries are adopting automated dispensing systems in their operations, regardless of whether there are only a few components or many. These systems process variable material volumes, viscosities, and temperature specifications, and consistent automated dispensing solutions are built to deliver highly-accurate ratios and volumes. The automated dispensing system process significantly decreases material waste and increases confidence as you achieve the specific volumes, patterns, and dispense ratios every time.

PVC Dispenser

Which Processes Required Automated Dispensing Solutions?

Regardless of the products or processes, virtually all industries require automated dispensing solutions:

  • Automotive industry (loud-speaker bonding, urethane beading, Li-battery cell bonding, dashboard bonding, harness potting and sealing, or sensors)
  • Telecommunications industry (loud-speaker, frame, volume-button, circuit-board underfill, or camera bonding)
  • Aerospace and Defense industry (adhesives, bonding, spray coating, and sealing)
  • Energy Extraction and Storage industry (adhesive dispensing, end-of-line battery assembly)
  • Consumer Products (lot traceability, swirling, inline bead inspection, product packaging)
  • Life Sciences (pipetting systems, media addition and removal without disturbing cell structures, washing equipment, and other virtually unlimited applications)

With a few examples from each industry quoted above, our aim is to build a comprehensive material delivery portfolio that does not shy away from variations in the industry.

Adhesive, Foam, Grease, or Paint – Different Automated Dispensing Solutions

Programming robots help you complete repetitive tasks accurately, from coating applications to adhesives, paint, wax, and other materials that suit your company.

You can benefit from the precision and efficiency provided by combining robotics and vision capabilities regardless of whether you are in a large industrial manufacturing setup like airplanes and heavy equipment or a smaller manufacturing unit like the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or telecommunications industries.

Painting Robot

How does an Automated Dispensing System Work?

Whether dispensing, beading, swirling, potting, or spraying simple to complex materials, our high-accuracy controlled dispensing and placement applications focus on speeds that maximize output, save time, and save overall labor demands. When utilizing the fluid dispensing process, whether using batch-dispensing or inline-dispensing our dispensing systems can dispense fluids such as gaskets, coatings, solder paste, sealants, and adhesives. Our proprietary software equips you with innovative programming of patterns, fluid arcs, stripes, and dots on more than a single type of plane.

However, that is not all!

You may require optimized construction tape, electrical wires that are dispensed industrially, or concrete in precise amounts and locations. Achieve efficiency and reduced cost and downtime with integrated vision systems that can preview the dispensing path, automate weight-scale verification for traceability, and reduce variability for each product, batch, and SKU.

Dispensing System Compounds

On a smaller scale, using adhesive agents to join multiple components is a standard assembly process in various industries. This includes surface treatment, adhesive dispensing, UV curing, and similar operations that we can execute flawlessly with our application engineers. Moreover, our systems cater to different adhesives, such as part substrate, function, environmental exposure, and strength requirements.

Accessorize for Optimum Experience

A vision system helps with the low contrast between the dispensing fluid and the surface you need to dispense on. More-advanced techniques switch to greyscale – which is more practical for translucent or reflective surfaces. Moreover, the laser provides feedback information concerning the deposit coordinates in diameter, width, and height.

Tip detection provides additional benefits by automatically adjusting for differences in location and height when switching dispense tips or barrels. The non-contact sensor measures the site and offers precision, resolution, and maintenance of deposit consistency for critical applications.

Benefit and Lead the Industry

Like other automation solutions, the benefits to automated dispensing solutions include providing customization and modularity, as well as reducing human error, manual labor demand, and space needed with multi-modal dispensing solutions, improved compliance, and repeatability.

You can add desktop automated dispensers, a subtype of mobile dispensing solutions, to an existing manufacturing line, rotary table, or conveyor assembly line. The upfront investment in automated solutions will be quickly repaid with increased production capacities and shorter returns on investment. Moreover, reduced waste saves raw materials like expensive substrates and enables stricter industry compliance protocols.

Robot Vision Dispensing System

In addition to these benefits, pattern recognition will enable a change in the dispensing path in accordance with the product’s orientation, and the closed-loop feedback records a default product orientation – redirecting the need for manual intervention to strictly strategic work.

Partners in Success

We understand your applications, desired output, and processes. B2E Automation can guide you through successfully implementing or improving your dispensing systems. Work with our application engineers to quickly scale our solutions to meet your unique specifications, regardless of your dispensing process. Refine, improve, and increase profitability with B2E Automation and improve your uptime and throughput!

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