Assembly Systems

If you aim to meet high throughput goals, meet increasing demands, and develop high-speed and high-quality manufacturing units, we will equip you to achieve these objectives and provide you with the flexibility to achieve future expansion!

To handle the revolutionary Industry 4.0 dynamics, flexible, reconfigurable, and autonomous assembly systems are taking the lead in manufacturing firms. A potent blend of the Internet of Things (IIOT), Autonomous Mobility, Robotics Machine Vision, and Cloud Computing can transform global assembly lines.

Why Does Your Industry Need Automated Assembly Solutions?

Automated Assembly Systems play a critical role in the manufacturing process as they affect system cycle time and future capacity. Over 50 percent of overall manufacturing time and 70 percent of total production cost is spent on assembling manufactured items. Assembly involves more than merely connecting pieces. The final step in the manufacturing process integrates all of the initial design, engineering, production, and logistics phases to produce a finished product.

The fundamental difficulty faced by today's manufacturing firms is meeting demands for large volumes, more expansive ranges of goods with shorter life-cycle times, and customization requirements. Demand volatility has drawn a lot of attention to the flexibility and adaptability required of manufacturing systems to meet these fluctuating demands. High-speed, multi-station automated assembly systems produce billions of goods across various industries.

Robot Sensors

The extensive use of low-cost sensors and actuators that communicate via the Internet has propelled the manufacturing revolution by allowing real-time communication between systems, machines, tools, workers, consumers, and products.

Our extensive technical capabilities apply to manufacturing firms in all warehousing and manufacturing industries. We strive to provide flexible and customized assembly solutions based on evolving customer needs. From assembly automation, dispensing, fiber processing, material handling solutions, and vision systems to process design, small parts, micro-precision applications, and software integrations, B2E Automation has you covered.

The Right Solutions with the Right Strategic Automation Partner

Contemporary automated assembly solutions incorporate stand-alone operator-assisted stations alongside more significant, fully automated, and pre-integrated assembly lines.

These solutions help manufacturing plants reduce operational cost and create a better working environment regardless of the stage-gates, from material handling equipment, including FANUC robots, vision equipment, and sensory devices, to autonomous working cells such as screw driving, palletizing, depalletizing, material removal, pick-and-place marking, and pressing units.

Robot Partnership

Our automated assembly solutions include

  • Field-proven Adhesives and Sealant Dispensing that provide the precision, performance uniformity, decrease in waste, and accuracy required in minor electronics assembly and manufacturing procedures.
  • Complex, intricate, and repeatable parts handling as a crucial Assembly Integration feature that is application and client-specific, addressing specific assembly and integration needs.
  • Vital parts suppliers in the automated assembly system. For example, Vibratory Bowl Feeders deliver components bottom-up and are placed in their respective locations as the bowl vibrates. Effective bowl feeders handle the broadest range of shapes and sizes, regardless of industry.
  • Automated Case Picking that involves picking various product cartons from storage mediums in distribution centers to then serve retail or e-commerce stores. Automated case picking eliminates the chance of an inaccurate or unstable stack or a shorter than standard stack.
  • Critical analysis for the entire operation like Force-Distance Monitoring, which measures the relationship between the force exerted and the resulting distance traveled and represents that information on a graph within a preset window.
  • Cost-effective and time-saving processes like Impact Riveting, which is a cold-forming assembly that installs a rivet utilizing pneumatic or electro-mechanical force (with a much quicker cycle time), which serves as the key to your high-volume products.
  • Leak Testing is critical for the safety of the entire manufacturing value chain. Regardless of the industry, each production area requires leak tests. Whether medical, mechanical, automotive, hydraulics, home appliance, aerospace, or consumer electronics, our standard and custom automated leak detectors utilize differential pressure, mass flow, volume decay, and other related processes to keep you safe.
  • Robotic Assembly Systems for assembling automotive components, computer components, medical devices, or household appliances. A Robotic Assembly System utilizes the highest proportion of robots in material handling, processing activities, assembly, and inspection.
  • Robots that can fill the welding gap with Silicon Welding. These robotic solutions utilize COBOTs in the welding process because a COBOT attains higher welding precision after the shortest amount of training time.

Achieve the Future with Us

We recognize the importance of downtime reduction, budget concerns, and logging incidents in real-time to create meaningful insights. Our high-caliber engineering knowledge and capabilities can assess, program, integrate, and maintain robotic systems that are designed to match your operation's needs.

B2E Automation’s solutions integrate into the assembly operations of any warehousing and factory floor space industry, including automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, solar extraction and storage, heavy equipment, and consumer items. When your company needs speed and accuracy, B2E Automation can step up to the plate with the design expertise that can push you to the forefront of your industry.

Reach out to learn more about how B2E Automation's solutions can help transform your business.